Most frequent sports traumas

Doing sports is great from all points of view. When we spend whole days at the offices with no air and opportunity to move properly, we get a desire to have an active week-end, which can turn out to be a disaster because of the traumas and injuries.

Here are the most frequent sports injuries and the proper ways to treat them.

Dislocated ankle.

What is this?: This kind of trauma is frequent among the athletes and consists in the twisting the foot inside or in the wrong direction. As a result. The outer tendons of the ankle get stretched.

What should be done: It is very important to do stretching exercises before doing sports and to strengthen the injured part of the body to prevent re-dislocation. You can find the necessary ex-s in the web, or ask a doctor about what should be done.

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Nothing is useless

Progress never stops. 10 years ago we could hardly imagine great multifunctional phones and computers would ever exist. Nowadays it’s quite hard to surprise a modern man: he seems to have seen and tried almost everything. We buy new equipment, throwing out with no regret our good old computers which stood us in good stead for many years. But we can give our old ‘friends’ the second life, transforming them into something useful.

For example, you can use your old computer as a server, connecting it with the other computers in your house: this way you will be able to save necessary important files to avoid their loss. It can be also used as an element of multimedia system: it’s pleasant to watch movies and TV shows or listen to music.
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Why We Need a Tablet PC

I wonder, why do people tend to need tablet computers lately? Is it for the purpose of having some rest from the reality and human live communication? We used to stay at home in front of our stationary computers and were surfing through the web all evenings long and now we do the same at a local restaurant or on a bench in a park provided that we have 2 minutes to spare. It is most likely that we will not have any free time anymore soon.

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Sri Lanka –the Art of Doing Nothing

Modern world dictates its own rules of achieving success. We are in a constant hurry; we try to fill every minute of our life with some useful activities or to perform several tasks at once. Come to the mirror and look at yourself – if you see a miserable red-eyed creature with pale skin and shaking hands who is glued to his phone and the cup of coffee, it is high time to through all your problems away and travel to Sri Lanka, because it is the best place to think of nothing and do nothing as well.

Sri Lanka is situated on the Ceylon Island in the warm Indian Ocean. It is the country of endless summer, exotic plants and animals and the most beautiful beaches in the world. You may disagree that there are other places which provide the same or even better stuff, but I have fallen in love with Sri Lanka completely and will not accept any arguments. If you visit this country, you will understand me.

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Don’t travel there! Ever!

When you plan a perfect traveling, what you think of first? Warm country with beautiful beaches? Or, probably, a hiking tour through mounts and valleys? Or, maybe, a land of night clubs and thrash parities? Anyway, no matter what you are thinking of, you want to have a good rest. Most of us travel exactly for these purposes.

Nevertheless, some people seeking for exotic adventures travel to the countries, which can be not only astonishing, but also dangerous. Literally dangerous for one’s life.

For example, Colombia takes a leading position in the number of murders and kidnaps in the world. Besides, the country is in the process of constant civil wars, armed elements are everywhere and, by the way, the whole world considers Colombia the capital of cocaine trade. 75% of the cocaine traffic belongs to “Pablo Escobar” and “Cali Cartel” blocks from Colombia. Well, seems like Colombia doesn’t look as a compact world.

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