Don’t travel there! Ever!

When you plan a perfect traveling, what you think of first? Warm country with beautiful beaches? Or, probably, a hiking tour through mounts and valleys? Or, maybe, a land of night clubs and thrash parities? Anyway, no matter what you are thinking of, you want to have a good rest. Most of us travel exactly for these purposes.

Nevertheless, some people seeking for exotic adventures travel to the countries, which can be not only astonishing, but also dangerous. Literally dangerous for one’s life.

For example, Colombia takes a leading position in the number of murders and kidnaps in the world. Besides, the country is in the process of constant civil wars, armed elements are everywhere and, by the way, the whole world considers Colombia the capital of cocaine trade. 75% of the cocaine traffic belongs to “Pablo Escobar” and “Cali Cartel” blocks from Colombia. Well, seems like Colombia doesn’t look as a compact world.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest and underdeveloped countries of the world, which makes surprising the number of people desiring to visit it. About 12 million mines were pawned there during the armed conflict with the Soviet Union. Some of them stay in the groundeven now and continue blowing up, killing and harming accidental people. Besides, you’re under a high risk of a terrorist attack. All the time. Every minute.

Going to Somalia for a portion of adrenaline, first think that the danger is not only on the ground there. You should be afraid of the water as well. The war between the clans has been held for more than 20 years now and it doesn’t stop for a moment. Somalian pirates are always ready to attack a foreign shipboard to get a considerable ransom for the people and the cargo. Only the statistics for 2008 say that about 30 mln. dollars were payed to pirates as a redemption.

Another anti-heaven place is Burundi. It’s a small African state with the highest level of poverty and civil armed conflicts all over the territory. Due to the starvation and low living conditions, tourists are often attacked by armed gangs consisting of children, who can not only steal your wallet, but drive your car away sticking a gun to your head. If so – say goodbye to your vehicle, because the police don’t investigate car steals, sorry. Men should also be very careful and avoid meeting Burundian women groups. They are beautiful, but deadly.

Congo, Africa, danger. Democratic Republic of Congotook lives of nearly 4 million people since the World War II. The political situation holds people in the state of constant civil war. The government military groups under support of Angola and Zimbabwefight against the elements of Rwanda and Uganda, so the risks to get in a crisscross fire is very high! Together with that, enjoying the landscapes and climate of Congo, don’t forget there is a very high AIDS level.

Haiti. There are practically no police and governmental forces. The power that rules the whole territory is criminality. Many spots in Haiti don’t have electricity and water supply and if you get in trouble – there will be no one to help you, ’cause the government is absent.

Finally, let’s take a look at Antarctica as a tourist rout. Temperature – 60 C, the speed of wind – 10 km/h. You can die there in half an hour left in the open space. No shops, no utilities. It’s absolutely another world.

So, people, planning your awesome and risky vacation think a bit and weigh up all the risks! Ready? Then, good luck!


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