Sri Lanka –the Art of Doing Nothing

Modern world dictates its own rules of achieving success. We are in a constant hurry; we try to fill every minute of our life with some useful activities or to perform several tasks at once. Come to the mirror and look at yourself – if you see a miserable red-eyed creature with pale skin and shaking hands who is glued to his phone and the cup of coffee, it is high time to through all your problems away and travel to Sri Lanka, because it is the best place to think of nothing and do nothing as well.

Sri Lanka is situated on the Ceylon Island in the warm Indian Ocean. It is the country of endless summer, exotic plants and animals and the most beautiful beaches in the world. You may disagree that there are other places which provide the same or even better stuff, but I have fallen in love with Sri Lanka completely and will not accept any arguments. If you visit this country, you will understand me.

If you ask me what to do on this island I will answer – nothing, but this “nothing” is meaningful. This “nothing” includes lying on the beach with white sand or trying different spa procedures as Sri Lanka is famous of them, particularly of massage. Or you can take local transport and visit tea plantations in the mountains – no wonder they are huge as 10% of the tea which people drink all over the world was grown on Sri Lanka. The sight of these vast green fields will fill you with the sense f harmony and peace and you will discover that your “nothing” activities are not boring at all.

Another thing which all the tourists do with pleasure here is eating. In every restaurant there are national dishes which are placed in huge clay vessels. This food is not as spicy as in India, as the cooks use coconut milk to achieve milder taste.

If you feel that you need to add a portion of culture to your perfect “nothing” you can visit Polonnaruwa. This place presents open-air city-museum. In the Medieval Age this city was the capital of the country, and now you can have a look at the ruins of the royal palace. The famous stone temple Galle Vihara is also situated there. In this temple you can see four images of Buddha cut in the rocks. These monuments produce a magnificent impression – the giant Buddhas are so peaceful and calm that you feel how your thoughts and your soul become lighter as if getting rid of some invisible weight.

Another place you should visit is the Lion Mountain. The path is difficult for climbing but in the end of it you will be awarded for your efforts. On the top of the mountain there are 17 frescos representing half-naked princesses – the only remains of the royal palace of the ancient time. Being on the top and viewing the sceneries of Sri Lanka you can try to remember the problems you had in your other, out-of-the-island life and feel their nothingness.


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