Nothing is useless

Progress never stops. 10 years ago we could hardly imagine great multifunctional phones and computers would ever exist. Nowadays it’s quite hard to surprise a modern man: he seems to have seen and tried almost everything. We buy new equipment, throwing out with no regret our good old computers which stood us in good stead for many years. But we can give our old ‘friends’ the second life, transforming them into something useful.

For example, you can use your old computer as a server, connecting it with the other computers in your house: this way you will be able to save necessary important files to avoid their loss. It can be also used as an element of multimedia system: it’s pleasant to watch movies and TV shows or listen to music.

There are also many creative ideas of your old devices usage. For example, an empty attached to the wall computer mouse can serve as a body for toothbrushes or razors in your bathroom. It looks elegant and modern. If you have an old computer and a homeless hamster or rat, lodge them into the box of your computer, getting rid of the insides previously. Fix the metal net instead of the screen and let your mouse enter a fashionable and creative house!

You can also put an empty computer box on the floor on its monitor case and you’ll get a beautiful paper bin in your room. An old system unit can be used also in many ways: as a mail box or a grill, for example. Beer lovers can transform a system unit into a beer tun, installing a tap outside. Though it’s not that easy, the result is stunning! Nature lovers can change an old unit into a feeding-rack for birds: it’ stable and spacious, suitable for several birds sitting inside simultaneously. If you need to share your room in two parts, and you have an access to the computer warehouse, you may build a wall of the old system units.

In your old printer you may keep some necessary things, like paper or food. An old plastic -bag can be a good thing for keeping hamburgers or croissants- you won’t spoil their form, and moreover keep your meal warm and appetite. You can also use these bags for keeping wires.

Old laptops are another field of your imagination implementation: you can use it as dustpan, an object for cracking nuts or a tennis racket. Old compact disks are what designers and just creative people like to use in their work. There are lots of modern exhibitions where you can see different pictures and sculptures made of disks and the other parts of the computer.

The bright parts of the disks are used for decoration of toys, costumes, vases, candlesticks. A bunch of compact disks can be transformed into unusual curtains: make several lines of fastened disks and get a shining curtain.

So as you see, there are thousand ideas for your old technical equipment to be used in the unusual ways. Nothing is useless!


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