Most frequent sports traumas

Doing sports is great from all points of view. When we spend whole days at the offices with no air and opportunity to move properly, we get a desire to have an active week-end, which can turn out to be a disaster because of the traumas and injuries.

Here are the most frequent sports injuries and the proper ways to treat them.

Dislocated ankle.

What is this?: This kind of trauma is frequent among the athletes and consists in the twisting the foot inside or in the wrong direction. As a result. The outer tendons of the ankle get stretched.

What should be done: It is very important to do stretching exercises before doing sports and to strengthen the injured part of the body to prevent re-dislocation. You can find the necessary ex-s in the web, or ask a doctor about what should be done.

When you need to see a doctor: if a spot above the ankle becomes painful and sensitive – you should visit a doctor, it means the injury is quite deep.

Groin muscle stretching.

What is this?: Repetitive pushing movements can cause this kind of trauma. The most risky sports are hockey, cricket, football and baseball.

What should be done: You need a tight bandage, ice and rest. Too soon training practices can provoke a new trauma at the same spot.

When you need to see a doctor: If you have any tension in the area accompanied by a tumor – you need to see a specialist.

Hamstring stretching.

What is this?: This trauma is the result of the movements similar to barrier jumping or other actions requiring high leg lifting.

What should be done: Such injuries take a long time to be recovered, because the muscles are always in tension due to the walking process. Full recovery can be distinguished only in 6-12 months. The best way is to take a minimum of movement, which is really difficult because of the life rhythm.

Broken shin.

What is this?: This is the pain in the muscles of the front part of the leg. It’s a frequent jogging trauma.

What should be done: You need a rest, ice and painkillers.

When you need to see a doctor: If the pain doesn’t leave you even if you have enough rest, you need to visit a specialist. Such injuries take about a month for full recovery.

Tennis elbow” (epicondylitis).

What is this?: Permanent movement involving the elbows, like in the process of swings in tennis or golf, can cause a small rupture of ligaments.

What should be done: You should refuse from golf and tennis games and trainings for a considerable time to avoid the new trauma.

Of course, we should understand that if paint doesn’t leave us for a long time it is always necessary to visit a doctor. Sport is a risk, but you can’t risk in your own health.


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