Some reasons to move to Thailand.

Some people who are not satisfied with the quality of life as well as social system decide to move to another country. Sometimes it is challenging indeed. Many people who decide to immigrate expect to find better living conditions and other benefits of immigration. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I know personally many young people who are dreaming to move to the United States or to Canada. Some are ready to do everything to move to Australia. Well, it is pretty difficult sometimes. But I know some people who are dreaming to move to Thailand. It seems that it is worth doing it. Why so? Let’s try to sort out.

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Unusual places to get married.

Today I would like to share a list of unusual places where you can get married. Wedding day must be unusual and unforgettable. It is your day and you can do whatever you want and wherever you want. Here some ideas regarding the issue. Let’s get started.

If you do not want to overspend your budget and if you do not have enough money you may celebrate your wedding in a fast-food restaurant. It sounds strange indeed. But some couples do it sometimes. You do not believe? Well, Tyree Henderson and Trisha Lynn Esteppe decided to marry at the McDonald’s. Why so? Obviously for them it was a special place where they met each other for the first time. Trisha said that, “she couldn’t imagine a more romantic setting for their wedding”. By the way in Hong Kong you may order even an apple wedding cake at the McDonald’s.

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Crazy Guide to Quitting Smoking

I have a couple of friends who have been trying to quit smoking. For the 5h time. During the last year. Their quitting smoking is accompanied by nervous breakdowns, outbursts of anger, strange desires, like to put on old German uniforms or go marching on the street. To cut a long story short, these guys really need a systematic approach. So they asked me to write them tips how to quit smoking. To tell the truth, this is the same as to ask a penguin to compose a treatise about long flights, because I have never smoked. But I can’t refuse my friends.

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Bookworms – Avoid Life without Love

It is believed that the sense of life of every man is to develop successful carrier, create the family and support his children. Any deviation from this pattern is viewed as something strange and improper. However, the men of the modern world tend to refuse from these universal values and dive in books, science and explorations refusing from the possibility to have healthy relations.

Academics, writers and talented programmers attract the women’s attention though it seems that they do not need it. In fact, some of these men consider themselves to be losers in relations and have the fear of not only relations but even of a simple approaching a woman. If you feel that there is a strong possibility that you are among the noble army of bookworms, it is high time to change your status or the books will remain your partners in bed for the rest of your life.

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Travel in Nice: What is Not Written in Guides

When the plane arrived in Nice late at night I thought that it was landing into the inky black waters of Mediterranean Sea. That impression is created due to the unusual location of the airport. It is situated in the city area and the runways are laying in the narrow bill which seems to go for in the sea.

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Laughter As It Is

We start laughing at the age of three and continue to laugh for the rest of our lives. However, the point is not in the great amount of reasons for laughing, the whole process has a deeper sense. Laughter is a serious matter, if it can be said so.

According to one of the numerous versions, laughter is a protective reaction of our body on the surplus of positive emotions. Hat is why happy people can laugh without any reason as their positive needs a constant outcome. On the contrary, those who are in a serious depression will find it hard to smile even if the circumstances are really funny.

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Parkour – the Entertainment in Concrete Jungle

Urbane culture of big cities has developed new tendencies in the world of entertainment and some of them are really worth to be given a try. Parkour, or free running is one of the most popular of them. It is unreasonably viewed as a dangerous activity, however, it is not always so. Parkour aimed at shooting spectacular videos for YouTube or home watching can involve performing risky tricks without proper preparation. On the other side, there is a serious approach to the parkour activity which involves no unnecessary risk, as all useful safety tips are used to avoid all possible dangers.

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