Parkour – the Entertainment in Concrete Jungle

Urbane culture of big cities has developed new tendencies in the world of entertainment and some of them are really worth to be given a try. Parkour, or free running is one of the most popular of them. It is unreasonably viewed as a dangerous activity, however, it is not always so. Parkour aimed at shooting spectacular videos for YouTube or home watching can involve performing risky tricks without proper preparation. On the other side, there is a serious approach to the parkour activity which involves no unnecessary risk, as all useful safety tips are used to avoid all possible dangers.

Parkour presents getting from one place of the city to another in a shortest time while overcoming obstacles. It requires good physical training. However, no special equipment is needed, which makes this activity available to all groups of citizens. Parkour develops the speed of reaction and helps to overcome not only physical but the emotional barriers as well. If you want to approach this life style seriously, you should observe some tips on how to do it in the safest way.

First of all, a constant practice is needed. Parkour involves lots of jumping and climbing, so you should learn how to land safely. Before performing any parkour activity, do not forget to warm up and stretch in order to avoid injuries.

For the beginners it is better to start practicing in a local parkour group or with a personal parkour coach – it will give you an opportunity to learn basic techniques and study the urbane landscapes of your area. Do not push your limits too fast; increase the level of difficulty gradually.

Though no special outfit is needed you should nevertheless pay attention to your clothes and make sure that it satisfies the basic requirements – it should be convenient and fit you tightly. Besides, do not ignore wearing convenient running shoes.

Begin with the easiest exercises and then approach the more difficult ones while developing your own style of overcoming obstacles. Listen to your body and build you own parkour pattern. Always explore your possibilities and acquire the best ways to perform parkour in the process of experimentation.

When you feel ready for the serious tasks, choose places A and B and complete the route in the shortest possible time doing everything to get to the place of your destination. Free running across Concrete jungle can become your style of life if you develop your own pattern.


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