Laughter As It Is

We start laughing at the age of three and continue to laugh for the rest of our lives. However, the point is not in the great amount of reasons for laughing, the whole process has a deeper sense. Laughter is a serious matter, if it can be said so.

According to one of the numerous versions, laughter is a protective reaction of our body on the surplus of positive emotions. Hat is why happy people can laugh without any reason as their positive needs a constant outcome. On the contrary, those who are in a serious depression will find it hard to smile even if the circumstances are really funny.

If to believe another version, laughter is a way to discharge and get rid of all extra emotions, both positive and negative. In this case laughter is viewed as means of protection against stress.

Another view on the nature of laughter claims that it is a way of communication. Laughter is needed for unison, creating and strengthening the relations. In fact, we do not often laugh when we are alone; the laughter is more common in the company of people.

Besides, laughter is essential for our health. In the twentieth century there was even developed a special science called gelotology (from the Greek word “gelos” which means “laughter”). It was founded by an American Norman Causins who has suffered from a serious disease of the joints and has a little chance to survive. He decided t try his own treatment in the basis of which were positive emotions activating bio chemical processes of the body. He discovered that ten minutes of irrestrainable laughter produce the effect of two hours of anesthesia. After several months of this laugh therapy Causins was cured.

Since that time people began actively explore the influence of laughter on human beings. By laughing we invoke some chemical processes in our cells which improve blood circulation, stabilize arterial pressure, and strengthen the immunity. Besides, laughter compensates the harm produced by so-called shallow breathing. When we laugh we fill our lungs with more oxygen and then release it. It is an excellent training for the lungs.

We have a natural ability to laugh. However, with years our laughter changes as we accept the manner and intonation of people surrounding us. Sometimes it is our complexes which prevent us from laughing openly and sincerely. However, beautiful laughter can become a real music for the others, so it is essential to learn the technique of melodic and reverberating laughter. Laughter is pretty much about breathing so you should practice some breathing exercises.

For instance, lay your hands on your stomach and breathe with it. Feel with your hands how it inflates and deflates. Or you can push the muscles of your belly forward while breathing in and keeping them in this position make short sharp inhalations and pronounce “A-a-a-a” at the same time. Another exercise requires from you to stand up, join your palms and support your chin with them. Breathe in, and with breathing out raise your hands and laugh as loud as possible. These simple methods will help you to charm everyone with your laughter.


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