Unusual places to get married.

Today I would like to share a list of unusual places where you can get married. Wedding day must be unusual and unforgettable. It is your day and you can do whatever you want and wherever you want. Here some ideas regarding the issue. Let’s get started.

If you do not want to overspend your budget and if you do not have enough money you may celebrate your wedding in a fast-food restaurant. It sounds strange indeed. But some couples do it sometimes. You do not believe? Well, Tyree Henderson and Trisha Lynn Esteppe decided to marry at the McDonald’s. Why so? Obviously for them it was a special place where they met each other for the first time. Trisha said that, “she couldn’t imagine a more romantic setting for their wedding”. By the way in Hong Kong you may order even an apple wedding cake at the McDonald’s.

Other prefer to get married underwater. At least I’ve heard about the couples who did it at the Jules Undersea Lodge which is located in Key Largo Florida. By the way it wouldn’t much expensive to celebrate your wedding underwater.

You may also get married on top of Mount Everest. I suppose it would be quite challenging and difficult to reach the peak but it seems like it is worth it. Moni Mule Pati and Pem Dorjee Sherpa, a couple from Nepale decided to get married 8 850-meters up. It took them less then 10 minutes. It seems to be the most adventurous wedding of all ages.

Sometimes partners decide to get married where they met for the first time. Rockie Graham and Dave Hart are just crazy. Why? Well, actually because they decided to celebrate their wedding day at the Bethel Transfer Station. Moreover they invited about 250 guests over there. It is a bit disgusting I think.


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