Some reasons to move to Thailand.

Some people who are not satisfied with the quality of life as well as social system decide to move to another country. Sometimes it is challenging indeed. Many people who decide to immigrate expect to find better living conditions and other benefits of immigration. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I know personally many young people who are dreaming to move to the United States or to Canada. Some are ready to do everything to move to Australia. Well, it is pretty difficult sometimes. But I know some people who are dreaming to move to Thailand. It seems that it is worth doing it. Why so? Let’s try to sort out.

Immigration to Thailand would be challenging as well especially for westerners who have absolutely different cultural background. But it doesn’t stop. Even though you do not speak Thai it wouldn’t be a problem for you to find a job. For example, you may teach English, do editing and even run your own business. Due to Thai laws foreigners are forbidden to do some jobs but you still have a chance to make money in Thailand.

You will be surprised to find out that it would not be expensive to pay for accommodation. Actually it would be about 450$ a month for an apartment. Cable TV, maid service, and the Internet are included. Impressed? I was.

I was no less impressed by cheap and tasty food as well as cheep alcohol. Cheap doesn’t mean bad. You may try Thai, Chinese, Japanese and even Western cuisines living in Thailand.

What I do appreciate more about Thailand are people and nature. The Thais are very friendly and open-minded. You would be surrounded by relaxed and very kind people. And of course the nature is amazing over there. Long beaches, beautiful weather and amazing vacation resorts. What can be better?

Do you still doubt? Give it up and move to Thailand.


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