Three Men, Strange Girl and Singing

When I need a good portion of laughter first thing I think of is watching some TV series. However, it is not so easy to find really funny comedy, as most of them provide flat humor which can only result in a lemon-like smile. Eventually, my search for some good humorous series to watch has led me to “New Girl” and I recommend you to watch this series, too.

“New Girl” provides a huge doze of optimism even if you are tired from your work day and want nothing but sleep. It is a story of a young woman Jess (who is wonderfully played by Zooey Deschanel, by the way) breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in to live with three single men.

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The cars of future.

Another Honda’s attempt to take hold on the market of personal vehicles hit the Internet. But time will show whether the Honda UNI-CUB, “wheels under the bottom” turns into another fashionable means of transportation like Segway or not. The concept of the new vehicle is the same as the previous attempt, Honda UX-3, has: it’s a compact folding stuff who is able to move in different directions.

The Honda UNI-CUB is created by the special technology of the omni-directional control system. These technologies allow you to control the speed, move in any direction, turn and stop. The UNI-CUB can easily maneuver between and around other people or objects. It must be said that a new vehicle was designed for obese people or people with disabilities, but the scientists are afraid that this machine can become popular among those who are just too lazy to walk.

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Apple Sues Samsung

The head of Samsung subdivision responsible for developing cell phone technologies J. K. Shin had admitted that he stated the superiority of Apple devices in comparison with the ones designed by Samsung. This information is provided by the website called All Thing Digital which references to the personal correspondence of Samsung head which was allowed to the public access during the investigation of argument of Apple and Samsung in the US Supreme Court.

The matter of the business is the letter of J. K. Shin to one of the top-managers under his supervision which was sent in October 2010. The head of Samsung cell phone division admitted that the products of their company differ from iPhones as “night and day” is the matter concerns the user comfort. J. K. Shin commented on that situation stating that the company is experiencing “the crisis if designing” due to a wide number of various factors.

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Dodorango: The Japanese Entertainment

The dodorango craft is an extremely popular entertainment in Japan for the people of all ages. It is the process of creating a smooth and polished ball from mud and water. Indeed, in the hands of dodorango fans the plain soil, mixed with water turns into the real piece of art with the help of simple tweaks. The mud which is the result of mixing together soil and water is formed into a sphere and dried, then it is being rubbed with a cloth until becoming shiny like marble. The Japanese fans of this ancient art call this state “hikaru” which means “glossy”. The whole process may look like a child’s entertainment if it wasn’t so monotonous and requiring much patience.

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The Lamp With the Efficiency Coefficient Exceeding 100 %

In the description of an unusual experiment published in Physical Review Letters you may read about the invention of a lamp possessing the unbelievable coefficient of performance that exceeds 100 %. The Law of conservation of energy wasn’t violated however. The matter is that is wasn’t the usual electric incandescent lamp but the device that is similar to semiconductor radiation emitting diode. The astonishing effect of the great performance coefficient was achieved while this device was working in the mode of the lowest radiation and the highest temperature.

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It is not cool at all.

Some men want to be cool or at least they seem to be cool. But what is cool for men is not cool for women. It is even ridiculous. It is funny. Some guys just show up to attract your attention. I wish they never ever did it. It is so childish and immature. It would be much better to be yourself . But some guys fail for some reasons. What I mean? Let me explain you.

Some guys think that it is cool to smoke. Especially it concerns teenagers who want to attract young ladies. Well, it is funny to see how they try to “enjoy” smoking. But seriously it is disgusting. The same concerns alcohol. They think the earlier they begin the better. I do not know why they think so. I suppose it is influence of our culture and stereotypes. I can understand teenagers who are immature and do not realize many things. But I can’t understand men who are sure that disgusting smell of cigarettes and beer is cool. Well, you are mistaken. It is terrible and is not attractive at all. Just keep in mind.

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