The benefits of humor.

It is hard to believe but in fact humor affects our health positively. According to researches humor even can boost your immune system. First of all laughter reduces negative thoughts and feelings. Laughing you feel yourself happier and luckier. Moreover it reduces effects of stress. Life is stressful and obviously it is inevitable. But laughter helps you to relax. Watching another hilarious sitcom and laughing at the main characters you may forget for a while about your problems and worries. And actually it works.

It is said that laughing you may bring you state of mind to balance. It is easy and inexpensive. Laughter has exceptionally positive effects. It may even give you hope and help you to get rid of your fears. If you are frightened try to remember something funny that happened to you or to your friends. Of course it is difficult to focus on something else but you should try. And you would see that it really works. As the rule we do not pay attention to it. Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it (Bill Cosby).

Moreover laughter can be even inspiring. If you are depressed it seems to you that life is senseless and there is no way out. Undoubtedly laughter would help you to change your attitude to the situation.

You should remember that our emotional state affects our physical state. It means that if you feel yourself emotionally up then you feel yourself physically very well also. And vise versa. If you are ill try to think positively, laugh and do not focus on negative aspects of the situation. It would help you to recover faster. By the way laughter may even protect your heart. Take care!


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