It is not cool at all.

Some men want to be cool or at least they seem to be cool. But what is cool for men is not cool for women. It is even ridiculous. It is funny. Some guys just show up to attract your attention. I wish they never ever did it. It is so childish and immature. It would be much better to be yourself . But some guys fail for some reasons. What I mean? Let me explain you.

Some guys think that it is cool to smoke. Especially it concerns teenagers who want to attract young ladies. Well, it is funny to see how they try to “enjoy” smoking. But seriously it is disgusting. The same concerns alcohol. They think the earlier they begin the better. I do not know why they think so. I suppose it is influence of our culture and stereotypes. I can understand teenagers who are immature and do not realize many things. But I can’t understand men who are sure that disgusting smell of cigarettes and beer is cool. Well, you are mistaken. It is terrible and is not attractive at all. Just keep in mind.

Some men think that to be hairy is cool. As for me than it is not at all. I hate hairy chests and backs. I mean it’s gonna be quite difficult for men to remove hair . If so do not demonstrate it so eagerly. Hair removal procedure may hurt of course. Anyway I do not understand those who are proud of their hairy body. Well, it is just very personal opinion.

You would never become cool if you buy another expensive car. Of course it attracts one’s attention but sometimes it distracts. Women are interested in your personality not in your cash. Well, it sounds cunning. There are lots of exceptions among women. But if you are boring and stubborn snob driving a new Porsche it would never help you. But of course there are so many exceptions among women who would accept you anyway. Money affects out decisions and vision. Unfortunately.

I do not know why but some men tend to think that body odor is cool and sexy. Definitely some women are attracted to it. But not all! These men think that body odor is associated with hard work and muscles. Well, it is associated indeed but it doesn’t mean women would appreciate it. Usually women are attracted to absolutely different things.


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