The Lamp With the Efficiency Coefficient Exceeding 100 %

In the description of an unusual experiment published in Physical Review Letters you may read about the invention of a lamp possessing the unbelievable coefficient of performance that exceeds 100 %. The Law of conservation of energy wasn’t violated however. The matter is that is wasn’t the usual electric incandescent lamp but the device that is similar to semiconductor radiation emitting diode. The astonishing effect of the great performance coefficient was achieved while this device was working in the mode of the lowest radiation and the highest temperature.

The diode with the coefficient of performance consisting approximately 239 % was developed in the Massachusetts University. The device generates photons as a response to the outer electric impulse and chills itself. During the functioning it takes the energy from the source of electricity. At the same time it converts the energy of the environmental temperature to the radiation that can be seen by a human eye. In that moment this light emitting diode exhibits the efficiency coefficient exceeding 100 %.

The inventors of the device suppose that it may be useful for the cooling of large integral schemes. The combination of the source of light and air cooler will be also a good idea for the producers of office mechanization facilities and household appliances.

The market of the large integral schemes has overtaken the limit of billion USD and the main problem of the production is the lack of effective cooling systems. It’s not a surprise that the individual investors wait in a queue to waste their money to develop the innovation of the Massachusetts University scientists.

The innovation still requires adjusting and following research as the degree of the light emission of the diode is too small. The level of radiation is measured in pikowatts. This is the part-for-trillion determination of watt.


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