Dodorango: The Japanese Entertainment

The dodorango craft is an extremely popular entertainment in Japan for the people of all ages. It is the process of creating a smooth and polished ball from mud and water. Indeed, in the hands of dodorango fans the plain soil, mixed with water turns into the real piece of art with the help of simple tweaks. The mud which is the result of mixing together soil and water is formed into a sphere and dried, then it is being rubbed with a cloth until becoming shiny like marble. The Japanese fans of this ancient art call this state “hikaru” which means “glossy”. The whole process may look like a child’s entertainment if it wasn’t so monotonous and requiring much patience.

Making a dodorango ball is simple in theory but quite labor consuming process. It requires a lot of attention and time which makes it a difficult activity for children. To give your dodorango ball the form of an ideal smooth sphere and make it shine you may spend a significant period of time. The experienced dodorango masters can manage to do that in a few hours but the ones who have just picked up this unusual hobby will have to do that for more than a couple of months.

The dodorango art is a good way to reduce distress. Moreover it has another goals. Dodorango may show us how simple it is to create something beautiful and perfect from plain materials, such as mud and water. It is a really inspiring fact. Many specialists who study dodorango in the framework of Eastern culture are likely to consider the process of making this smooth mud ball to have some spiritual content and meaning.

To make a dodorango you will need any type of soil, except sandy one that easily can be found in your backyard or in the flower pot. The soil should be sieved to get rid of the unnecessary objects such as small stones, feathers and pieces of glass.

Put the soil in a large bowl. Now you may start mixing it with water carefully. As you add the water make sure that the mud is neither too thin nor too clammy. The ideal consistence is easily seen when you feel that you may form the mixture in a ball and it retains the form given.

As soon as your ball gets more or less stable you may start drying it. Drying is necessary to make dodorango hard. The ancient Japanese dodorango craftsmen just left their mud spheres to get fully dry in the sun. For a modern dodorango fan it is easier to cover it with a plastic bag and put the parcel into the fridge. In 20 or 30 minutes you will see the drops of water on the surface of a bag. It is the condensed water.

In the process of drying dodorango is covered with soil for several times to make sure that the ball is hard enough to be polished. Otherwise if the ball remains damp inside the craftsman will be disappointed when he sees the cracks on the surface of already polished ball.


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