Apple Sues Samsung

The head of Samsung subdivision responsible for developing cell phone technologies J. K. Shin had admitted that he stated the superiority of Apple devices in comparison with the ones designed by Samsung. This information is provided by the website called All Thing Digital which references to the personal correspondence of Samsung head which was allowed to the public access during the investigation of argument of Apple and Samsung in the US Supreme Court.

The matter of the business is the letter of J. K. Shin to one of the top-managers under his supervision which was sent in October 2010. The head of Samsung cell phone division admitted that the products of their company differ from iPhones as “night and day” is the matter concerns the user comfort. J. K. Shin commented on that situation stating that the company is experiencing “the crisis if designing” due to a wide number of various factors.

The present-day patent argument became another stage of the global conflict between Samsung and Apple Inc. In spring 2011 Apple accused its main counterpart in “menial” copying of its devices’ design and technologies. The subject of this argument became the similarity of iPhone and iPad with the analogical devices Samsung Galaxy Tab and smartphone Samsung Galaxy S. The Korean company has brought a counterclaim accusing Apple Inc. of illegal usage of the whole variety of important technologies maintaining a wireless connection. The counter parts brought numerous claims against each other via dozens of courts in different countries of the world.

In the Supreme court of USA Apple Inc. demands more than two and a half millions USD as a compensation for violation its patents. It also claims that Samsung company has violated the copyright developing the similar design for software icons. Apple supposes the design of these icons to copy the patented elements of iOS interface. They include the call icon, the music one, the contacts one and the notes one. Each of these icons resembles the one developed by Apple either with its shape or color scheme. The Apple spokesman underlined that the TouchWiz icons designed by Samsung deliberately copy the shape and the color of the iOS ones to create the confusion and deceive the customers. Some icons are really similar but the matter is that they had been developed long before Apple Inc. introduces them in iDevices. For example the call icon is green to remind the call button which was normally green on all cell phones.


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