Three Men, Strange Girl and Singing

When I need a good portion of laughter first thing I think of is watching some TV series. However, it is not so easy to find really funny comedy, as most of them provide flat humor which can only result in a lemon-like smile. Eventually, my search for some good humorous series to watch has led me to “New Girl” and I recommend you to watch this series, too.

“New Girl” provides a huge doze of optimism even if you are tired from your work day and want nothing but sleep. It is a story of a young woman Jess (who is wonderfully played by Zooey Deschanel, by the way) breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in to live with three single men.

The plot itself is an excellent basis for various jokes and weird situations. However, the creators of “New Girl” decided to reach the top of ridiculousness and gave their heroine weird character and model female friends as an additional bonus. Moreover, Jess has the habit of singing now and then, sometimes in completely inappropriate moments.

The series makes us laugh at everyday problems and even disasters in personal life of heroes and teaches us to take our own problems easier. The characters are very charismatic and remind the room mates you could possibly have. As it became a tradition of American series, the story touches some serious issues of life, such as financial prosperity and personal success but it is done in such light and funny manner that it leaves no hard impression.

“New Girl” was released in September of 2011 and immediately became a success. So, the second season is expected in September of 2012, where, I hope, Jess will sing her ridiculous songs again. By the way, this weird singing as well as acting talent has brought Zooey Deschanel the nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.


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