How to Make a Surprise for Your Girlfriend without Spending Much Money

Have you fallen in love and aim to attract the attention of that girl using all the possible means? Of maybe you have been married for a long time already and try to bring some romantic hint to your relationships? All the woman are so different that it seems to be an extremely heard task to make a surprise for your second half.

  • Some wives get happy as children if their husbands come home earlier from their work. The last may phone home and pretend they are going to be late while driving to the house. But it’s also worth mentioning that not every woman would be happy to meet her husband wearing cucumbers on her eyes. But you now the personality of your beloved so you would have the opportunity to choose the best surprise for her.

  • Does you girlfriend enjoy listening to music? Make a call on the radio and ask the DJ to play her favorite musical composition.
  • Another surprise that won’t leave any girl indifferent will also go for the mature women as well. Spend some time writing touching love notes. Place them all over the house: in her jacket pockets, handbags, desk drawers, closets. Your girlfriend will find these tiny letters from time to time and be happy to read every other one.

  • It is also a good idea to deliver a small pleasant gift right to the window of your princess. You will need a balloon filled with helium in order to fly up and a long rope. Tie up your gift to the balloon and let it reach the window of your girlfriend. Hold the rope to present it from flying away. Phone your girlfriend and ask her to look out of the window.
  • Write the love expression with the colored chalk under her window. Don’t use the permanent paint as she won’t be happy to hear her neighbors’ outbreak.

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