Apple Sues Samsung

The head of Samsung subdivision responsible for developing cell phone technologies J. K. Shin had admitted that he stated the superiority of Apple devices in comparison with the ones designed by Samsung. This information is provided by the website called All Thing Digital which references to the personal correspondence of Samsung head which was allowed to the public access during the investigation of argument of Apple and Samsung in the US Supreme Court.

The matter of the business is the letter of J. K. Shin to one of the top-managers under his supervision which was sent in October 2010. The head of Samsung cell phone division admitted that the products of their company differ from iPhones as “night and day” is the matter concerns the user comfort. J. K. Shin commented on that situation stating that the company is experiencing “the crisis if designing” due to a wide number of various factors.

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Some reasons to move to Thailand.

Some people who are not satisfied with the quality of life as well as social system decide to move to another country. Sometimes it is challenging indeed. Many people who decide to immigrate expect to find better living conditions and other benefits of immigration. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I know personally many young people who are dreaming to move to the United States or to Canada. Some are ready to do everything to move to Australia. Well, it is pretty difficult sometimes. But I know some people who are dreaming to move to Thailand. It seems that it is worth doing it. Why so? Let’s try to sort out.

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