Dodorango: The Japanese Entertainment

The dodorango craft is an extremely popular entertainment in Japan for the people of all ages. It is the process of creating a smooth and polished ball from mud and water. Indeed, in the hands of dodorango fans the plain soil, mixed with water turns into the real piece of art with the help of simple tweaks. The mud which is the result of mixing together soil and water is formed into a sphere and dried, then it is being rubbed with a cloth until becoming shiny like marble. The Japanese fans of this ancient art call this state “hikaru” which means “glossy”. The whole process may look like a child’s entertainment if it wasn’t so monotonous and requiring much patience.

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Travel in Nice: What is Not Written in Guides

When the plane arrived in Nice late at night I thought that it was landing into the inky black waters of Mediterranean Sea. That impression is created due to the unusual location of the airport. It is situated in the city area and the runways are laying in the narrow bill which seems to go for in the sea.

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