Best Comedies Ever

I like watching comedies, but most of them are too banal and typical to be funny. The majority of jokes are devoted to sex, stupidity of teenagers who think only of sex and awkward situations connected with sex or, what it is even worse, with some physiological functions of your body. Original comedies with interesting plot have become a great rarity nowadays. There are only a few movies which I can call humorous in a positive sense.

One of the greatest modern comedies, in my opinion, is “Intouchables”. It tells the story of a disabled man and his personal assistant – sounds pretty banal, but the characters presented make this story really unforgettable. The role of assistant is performed by a young guy who has no responsibility, no respect for established rules and no desire to help the others – the qualities which are essential in his profession. However, he possesses great sense of humor which helps him to make friends with a disabled man and return the interest in life to him. The funniest episode occurs when the heroes visit opera together – the sight of singing tree is comical itself but the comment of the hero makes the audience roar with laughter.

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