It is not cool at all.

Some men want to be cool or at least they seem to be cool. But what is cool for men is not cool for women. It is even ridiculous. It is funny. Some guys just show up to attract your attention. I wish they never ever did it. It is so childish and immature. It would be much better to be yourself . But some guys fail for some reasons. What I mean? Let me explain you.

Some guys think that it is cool to smoke. Especially it concerns teenagers who want to attract young ladies. Well, it is funny to see how they try to “enjoy” smoking. But seriously it is disgusting. The same concerns alcohol. They think the earlier they begin the better. I do not know why they think so. I suppose it is influence of our culture and stereotypes. I can understand teenagers who are immature and do not realize many things. But I can’t understand men who are sure that disgusting smell of cigarettes and beer is cool. Well, you are mistaken. It is terrible and is not attractive at all. Just keep in mind.

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The benefits of humor.

It is hard to believe but in fact humor affects our health positively. According to researches humor even can boost your immune system. First of all laughter reduces negative thoughts and feelings. Laughing you feel yourself happier and luckier. Moreover it reduces effects of stress. Life is stressful and obviously it is inevitable. But laughter helps you to relax. Watching another hilarious sitcom and laughing at the main characters you may forget for a while about your problems and worries. And actually it works.

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Crazy Guide to Quitting Smoking

I have a couple of friends who have been trying to quit smoking. For the 5h time. During the last year. Their quitting smoking is accompanied by nervous breakdowns, outbursts of anger, strange desires, like to put on old German uniforms or go marching on the street. To cut a long story short, these guys really need a systematic approach. So they asked me to write them tips how to quit smoking. To tell the truth, this is the same as to ask a penguin to compose a treatise about long flights, because I have never smoked. But I can’t refuse my friends.

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Laughter As It Is

We start laughing at the age of three and continue to laugh for the rest of our lives. However, the point is not in the great amount of reasons for laughing, the whole process has a deeper sense. Laughter is a serious matter, if it can be said so.

According to one of the numerous versions, laughter is a protective reaction of our body on the surplus of positive emotions. Hat is why happy people can laugh without any reason as their positive needs a constant outcome. On the contrary, those who are in a serious depression will find it hard to smile even if the circumstances are really funny.

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Most frequent sports traumas

Doing sports is great from all points of view. When we spend whole days at the offices with no air and opportunity to move properly, we get a desire to have an active week-end, which can turn out to be a disaster because of the traumas and injuries.

Here are the most frequent sports injuries and the proper ways to treat them.

Dislocated ankle.

What is this?: This kind of trauma is frequent among the athletes and consists in the twisting the foot inside or in the wrong direction. As a result. The outer tendons of the ankle get stretched.

What should be done: It is very important to do stretching exercises before doing sports and to strengthen the injured part of the body to prevent re-dislocation. You can find the necessary ex-s in the web, or ask a doctor about what should be done.

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