Don’t travel there! Ever!

When you plan a perfect traveling, what you think of first? Warm country with beautiful beaches? Or, probably, a hiking tour through mounts and valleys? Or, maybe, a land of night clubs and thrash parities? Anyway, no matter what you are thinking of, you want to have a good rest. Most of us travel exactly for these purposes.

Nevertheless, some people seeking for exotic adventures travel to the countries, which can be not only astonishing, but also dangerous. Literally dangerous for one’s life.

For example, Colombia takes a leading position in the number of murders and kidnaps in the world. Besides, the country is in the process of constant civil wars, armed elements are everywhere and, by the way, the whole world considers Colombia the capital of cocaine trade. 75% of the cocaine traffic belongs to “Pablo Escobar” and “Cali Cartel” blocks from Colombia. Well, seems like Colombia doesn’t look as a compact world.

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