The Lamp With the Efficiency Coefficient Exceeding 100 %

In the description of an unusual experiment published in Physical Review Letters you may read about the invention of a lamp possessing the unbelievable coefficient of performance that exceeds 100 %. The Law of conservation of energy wasn’t violated however. The matter is that is wasn’t the usual electric incandescent lamp but the device that is similar to semiconductor radiation emitting diode. The astonishing effect of the great performance coefficient was achieved while this device was working in the mode of the lowest radiation and the highest temperature.

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Bookworms – Avoid Life without Love

It is believed that the sense of life of every man is to develop successful carrier, create the family and support his children. Any deviation from this pattern is viewed as something strange and improper. However, the men of the modern world tend to refuse from these universal values and dive in books, science and explorations refusing from the possibility to have healthy relations.

Academics, writers and talented programmers attract the women’s attention though it seems that they do not need it. In fact, some of these men consider themselves to be losers in relations and have the fear of not only relations but even of a simple approaching a woman. If you feel that there is a strong possibility that you are among the noble army of bookworms, it is high time to change your status or the books will remain your partners in bed for the rest of your life.

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